Are Palm Tree Roots Invasive?

In short you will be happy to know the answer is no. Most palm trees have non-invasive root systems. This makes them perfect for planting around the home. 

Despite the fact that there are literally thousands of species of palm trees, most of them have a generally similar root systems. These roots are extremely different to those of other trees and plants which tend to penetrate deep into the soil and grow a lot more bulky making damages to surrounds quite likely. 

Palm roots extend laterally across the under-surface of the topsoil within just the first few feet. They have thousands of extremely fine hair-like roots that grow outward from the root initiation zone or the base of the root ball. Given the fine structure of the roots, it is extremely rare that they cause damage to any surrounding structures, concrete or underground pipe systems. 

Although damage is unlikely it is still recommended to plant palms with appropriate room between other plants or structures. This ensures the root ball of your palm can mature to its full established size without issue to the palm or its surrounds. 

Planting too close to other plants or structures can lead to health issues for your palms/other plants. 

The roots of the palm tree will spread out around the trunk, usually expanding as wide as the canopy but in some instances will expand further (up to approximately 1.5 metres) in search of a water source. 

This indeed aids the palm in stabilisation and self supply of needed moisture and nutrients. 

So to answer the questions; Will palm tree roots damage concrete? Are palm tree roots invasive? Will palm tree roots damage my house? 

No. It is extremely unlikely for palm tree roots to damage their surroundings.