Plants for Hotels and Holiday Spaces!

Do you own a hotel, holiday home or airbnb? 

Have you decorated your getaway space with beautiful, inviting foliage to createPlants on table the perfect holiday sanctuary? 

If not, why not? 

Did you know that having plants positioned around hotels actually makes guests feel more welcome?
A beautiful display of plants, indoor and out wont only make your hotel stand out from the crowd.
How about creating the perfect array of tranquil ambience to take an ordinary space and turn it into a sanctuary!?

Whether you run a bed and breakfast or a 5 star multi-storey hotel in the city, guests come from all over and stay for a multitude of reasons. Its almost impossible to grasp onto every guests reason for staying to create the perfect personalised experience. But what you can do is aim to take the common factors and create a contemporary design that's bound to please.  

There is an underlying emotional factor that guests feel when they stay in your space, lets work with it. You want to create a space of trust and tranquillity, a comforting and calming experience.  

What better way to do that than with plants? Plants bring elegance to a space both indoor and out! You don't need to cram furniture and feature pieces into every corner of your hotel. 

You want to create luxury without screaming bland, boring and over done. So be creative, be experimental.
Plants can be positioned all over, little amounts or lots. Create unique feature pieces, privacy screens, living fence lines. Create elegance and a sense of freshness that your guests can feel as soon as they enter your premises. 


You can create a world of peaceful emotion as well as sophistication that cradles your guests for their entire stay. If you can embrace the ambience then they can feel it too!

The best part is, it not only looks and feels amazing but its environmentally friendly, 100% adaptable to you, and the future. Plants aren't going out of date. 

East Coast Palms offers a range of plant varieties to perfectly suit you and your needs. If its not listed please ask us, as we may still have options for you. Trade prices are available for bulk orders, please inquire for more information.