3 Steps to Perfectly Styled House Plants

The use of house plants in modern interior design has become increasingly popular, not only in making spaces come alive but also in appealing to our overall health and wellbeing. So lets take a look at a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your indoor space pop with greenery! 

Top Tip 1
Try filling empty corners with plants instead of furniture.

Taking attention away from bulky items and clutter by adding feature floor plants throughout your home is an amazing way to freshen up your space, bringing a breezy and clean feel to a room. You can also try arranging corner spaces with plants of varying heights and sizes to add depth to the area.

Top Tip 2 
Opt for plants that aren't your every day typical choices.

Yes, we all love a classic choice but creating character isn't always achieved with simplistic choices. There are so many options for indoor plants that picking the ordinary and over-done styles shouldn't be a concern as long as you do a little research. Indoor palms are a wonderful bold choice for creating an eye-catching arrangement. 

You can check out our range of indoor palms for some inspiration.

Pro Tip 3
Utilise your wall space!

Its easy to forget about all of the space you have available along your walls and cupboards when you are focusing on your floor area but let me tell you, an array of plants along the upper areas of your home is just as important to inviting serene energies into your home. 

Leave the palms and feature plants to your floors and make sure to add a little focus to your wall areas. Placing smaller plants along windowsills, bookcases, shelving and even hanging spaces throughout your home is a simple and effortless way to create an entirely new energy in an indoor space. 

Succulents and hanging plants are great options for minimal care plants to keep around the home.